The taxes in Thailand are not comparable to the West. But currently Land Tax and Structures Usage Tax are claimed. The Land Tax levied on land is so miniscule that in practice the board charged to collect it, rarely bother to do so, and if they do, they usually wait several years until the amount is accumulated. The Structures Usage Tax relates to buildings and is collected by the municipal office or district office.
It is only applied to properties used for commercial purposes.
On all purchase/sale of property in Thailand there is a stamp duty of 0,5%, a transfer fee of 0,001%, a business tax of 0,11% levied against the owner who has been in registered possession of the property less than 5 years, and Income Tax. There is no Capital Gains Tax in Thailand, unlike many countries, and Income Tax (usually between 1.0 and 3.0%) on property is the comparable replacement.

There is another new Law change, there is a recent renewed law which makes it possible for a foreighner to be the only person listed on an Ltd., however this is only for big investments (50,000,000+) and they have to be approved by the BOI (Board of Investors) and is has to be proved by this Board that the investing capital will be of great benefit for the Thai Economy. So this is not ment for people who want to buy a House or a piece of Land, only for big investors abroad.