This is the most commonly used way to buy a property in effect it is the Ltd. company that is buying the land, not an individual entity. The freehold title to the land belongs to the Ltd. company. You are the sole director of that company and you are the only person who can legally bind the company to any transaction including selling the house or the land that is built on. This legislation written into the memorandum of articles effectively gives the minority share holder control of the company.

One of the other benefits of buying a property in this way is that in the event that you chose to sell your property all you have to do is transfer your shareholding to the new buyer. This is beneficial for two reasons; firstly there is no land transfer tax on this transaction and secondly there is no requirement to register the property at the land registration department.
One must remember that in this instance in the event that you chose to sell your property that you are actually selling a company which has an asset being your property.